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Nendoroid Stocking

Time to continue the review of…

Nendoroid Panty & Stocking!

A new set of Nendoroids from Good Smile Company!

        /     \
     /   \   ,_\    ”Huh? Did I miss something?”
   /    ( ●)  (●) \
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)”)|    ___________
   \      。` ||||==(⌒)ー、| |             |
__/         ||||    \  〉| |             |
| | /    ,  | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ̄ ̄ | |             |
| | /   /   ヽ回回回回レ     | |             |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn.ヽ___/     |_|_________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) └─┘ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

First off you should read the previous review on Nendoroid Panty:

Nendoroid Panty


Today we’ll be looking at:

Nendoroid Stocking!

Stocking is the younger sister of the two girls that protect the world from ‘ghosts’ in GAINAX’s popular anime ‘Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt’.

She’s the sweet loving goth-loli girl!

Some girls that have stopped by the Panty & Stocking Cafe were wearing Stocking-esque goth-loli clothes! Yay!


This is how she looks from the back!

Stocking’s long straight hair looks just as lovely in Nendoroid form! Her hair also has a little secret which I’ll introduce later!


Her plushie cat ‘Honekoneko’ can be removed!

You can see her holding it in the first two pictures above, but if you remove it, it just looks like a ‘crossed-arm’ pose! The default pose has her holding it though, so unfortunately the plushie does look a little strange when she is not holding it. ^^;


Let’s take a look at the expressions and optional parts!

First up is her ‘Sweets!’ Face!

This is the expression she has whenever she sees her beloved sweets… the pupils have become hearts! She also comes with a pair of bent arms which let her take the pose above… which just suits the face so perfectly!


A fork and Swiss roll with hands to hold them!

You wouldn’t find Stocking without some sweets by her side! The Swiss roll is the famous ‘Whitey White’ swiss roll from episode 7! One of the biggest problems for girls all over the world – we want to eat sweet things without getting fat!!


She also has a combat ready expression!

Plus she comes with her stocking katanas – Stripe I & II!

This more serious expression are for those who preferred Stocking when she was fighting the ghosts… and as a completely unnecessary bonus, the colored parts on the katanas make use of lovely clear plastic!

Oh yes… I shouldn’t forget to mention that just like Panty having extra no-panties parts for when she uses her guns…

Stocking comes with legs wearing no stockings!

When you equip her with Stripe I & II be sure to use these legs!


Panty & Stocking ready to beat some ghosts!!

The two definitely look the cutest when they’re together…

       /      \
      /  ─    ─ \     ”How can I buy her…??”
    /     (●)  (●) \
    |       (__人__)  | ________
     \      ` ⌒´   ,/ | |          |
    ノ           \ | |           |
  /´                 | |           |
 |    l                | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、 | |________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

Some options to get hold of them:

These girls are scheduled to release in June!

1) Preorder!

Preorders will start from the 24th February. If you preorder from our partner shops you’ll be guaranteed to get the figure! There are lots of places that you can preorder the figure online as well – some that will even ship overseas!

2) I don’t wanna preorder!

If you just wait until July then you can head to our partner shops and simply pick up the figure from them. But you might not be able to get one if you don’t preorder, so personally I think preordering is a better idea if you want the figure.

Plus there is a special extra way to preorder these two!

You all know the Panty & Stocking Cafe is open, right?

Due to it’s popularity the cafe has been extended until the 3rd of April!

        / \ /\
      /  (○) (○)\
     / /// (__人__)//\       “There are also a load
     |       |::::::|    |       of girls visiting the cafe!!”
     \       l;;;;;;l  /l!| !
     /     `ー’    \ |i
   /          ヽ !l ヽi
   (   丶- 、       しE |そ
    `ー、_ノ       ∑ l、E ノ <

I’m so glad to see more girls at the cafe! Girls really brighten up the atmosphere!


Panty and Stocking are visiting the cafe!

Inside the cafe you can find the actual models of the ghosts used in the series, along with things like the script and frame sketches for fans of the series to enjoy!

Plus there is a special “Panty & Stocking Menu”!


Anyone who visits will get a few freebies!

– A coaster (Panty or Stocking)
– A table mat
Shop card

They are all unique to the cafe, so if you’re a fan be sure to stop by!

Plus from the 25th you can grab the brand new menu items:

The ‘Angel Plate”Anarchy Plate’ and the ‘Demon Plate’ 

Which will be ¥4000!

        /     \
     /  :::─三三─\     ”What! ¥4000 seems like a bit too much!”
   / :::: ( ○)三(○) \
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)ル ゚。 ゚   ___________
   \      ゝ’゚      ≦ 三 ゚ | |             |
__/     。≧       三 = | |             |
| | /    ,   -ァ,       ≧=| |             |
| | /   /    .イレ,、       > | |             |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn ,≦`Vヾ  ヾ ≧ |_|__________|
 ̄ \__、(“二)。゚ /。・イハ 、\、l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

It’s a meal and preorder price!

Anyone who orders these from the menu will also need to fill out preorder form to grab the figure they want… which will be sent to you in June! (Only to addresses in Japan)


Plus anyone who preorders using this method will also get another bonus!

A ‘Heaven Coin’!

It looks just like the coins from the series!! Plus you’ll get the coin right there on the day you preorder!


This shows how big it is!

The coin is made from color resin, which makes a nice solid and sturdy coin! If you want to grab the figures then do consider pre-ordering by using the brand new meals at the cafe!!

For more information about the menu you can check out the address below:

Panty & Stocking Cafe:http://www.goodsmilecafe.jp/


Nendoroid Panty & Stocking!

       /      \
      /  ─    ─ \ 
    /    (●)  (●)  \
    |     (__人__)  | ________
     \      |r┬-|   ,/ | |           |
    ノ      `ー’´  \  | |           |
  /´                 | |           |
 |    l                | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、 | |_________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

They will be on the GSC site from the 24th!

For other preordering details or questions check out our partner shops!

That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrrow! (・∀・)ノ゛



* Please note that this blog’s contents is originally written for a Japanese audience and is then translated for our foreign customers. All pre-order and release dates are the Japanese dates. Also note that not all products can be sold in certain areas

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