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2011 Tokushima Awa Dance Poster

     /     \
   /  _ノ  ヽ、_ \   ”GSC is on summer vacation… the offices
  /  o゚⌒   ⌒゚o  \   are so empty… I guess I’ll talk to a wall…”
  |    (__人__)    |
  \     ` ⌒´     /
  ノ            \


The 2011 Tokushima Awa Dance Poster!

Oooh! Looks like a bunch of my favorite characters are all on the poster! What on earth could it be!?

2011 Tokushima Awa Dance Poster!
This year’s poster has been made through the cooperation of various companies that were taking part in Machiasobi! Look how wonderfully it has come out!
From Fate/Zero’s illustrator Takashi Takeuchi to Black Rock Shooter’s huke, Ghost in the Shell’s Nakamura, Kara no Kyoukai’s XXX and other illustrators have all added in their artwork!

We will be having charity sales of the poster to help support the relief efforts in Eastern Japan. You can grab your copy at any animate stores nationwide, ufotable cafe Tokyo and Tokushima, ufotable dining and the Good Smile Cafe。

It will be sold for 1000JPY per poster.
Because it is a charity product, you may also purchase the poster for more and all of the additional money will be donated to relief efforts – any amount of 500 yen increments will be happily accepted! 1500yen, 10000yen – however generous you may be feeling, 500yen will be kept for each purchase to cover costs, but every thing above will be donated.Please note that animate will only sell the poster for 1000JPY.

   /      \
  /   ─    ─\    ”Ooh, I see, I see…
/     (●)   (●)\   So If I buy for 1000JPY, I’m donating 500JPY, and
|       (__人__) |   if I buy for 5000JPY, I’m donating 4500JPY!
/     ∩ノ ⊃   /           – What a clever way to donate!”
(  \ / _ノ |  |
.\ “  /__|  |

Looking at that you can see it really is a really wonderful set of illustrators!


Plus the 2011 Tokushima Awa Dance Poster…

Is sold at the Good Smile Cafe!

The Madoka cafe is also only continuing until the 14th August, so we are seeing a load of customers every day!! If you’re intending to visit the cafe be sure to bring a hat and some water with you, as the queue can get quite long – in the worst case scenarios you might not be able to get in, so also consider coming quite early!


With such a wonderful charity product going on sale, I feel like I should contribute something as well, so here is my contribution!

When you buy your poster at the register…

     /      \
    /   ⌒   ⌒\   “I saw the poster at Mikatan Blog!”
  /     ,(⌒) (⌒)、\
  |    /// (__人__)///|
  \      ` ヽ_ノ   /
    ヽ    , __ , イ
    /       |_”____
   |   l..   /l´ Poster`l
   ヽ  丶-.,/  |_______|
   /`ー、_ノ /      /

You just have to say that!

The first 30 customers who do so, will get a free…

Gumako Key Holder! (Not Sold Normally!)

The Yaruo isn’t included 😛 The bonus will be on a first come first serve basis and work on a 1 poster – 1 free key holder system!

But only until the 15th August!

If you do come by the GSC Cafe, please consider grabbing the poster, but also do note that stocks are limited!

Machoasobi Official Site:

Good Smile Cafe:
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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