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The GSC 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!


NicoNico Super Kaigi held at the Makuhari Messe on 28th & 29th of April!
In a showy corner of the Good Smile booth there were nine sculptors hard at work sculpting and painting a prototype Nendoroid in just 11 hours!

This is the diary of their challenge!!


Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Ver.!

Last time we got just to the point where the initial sculpting was complete!
To get this far took five people just seven hours!

A normal Nendoroid is in production for around 2-3 months, so that gives you a good feel to just how far these guys have been pushing themselves! If you want to read the previous two reports you can find them here:

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 1)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 2)

After sculpting was complete, the figure was sent to Matsudo for duplication! 

Kiyo-sanIn charge of : duplication (home-stay team!)

■ This machine creates a vacuum that is used to create a silicon mold!

The duplication cast can be seen here, together with the silicon mold! Duplication work requires a lot of care, but Kiyo-san is still able to get through it quickly and smoothly! 

Just two photos for Kiyo-san! Sorry!!

The duplication process is actually quite an involved process which I took a look at back in 2010, but that was unfortunately before the blog was translated into English. You can find the Japanese versions of the duplication process here – the images should tell a story on their own! ^^;

Day 1 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!
Day 2 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!
Day 3 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!

Final Day : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!

The next day!!


The Heroes of Day 2 have arrived!

Day 2 will feature the five heroes you see above, who will be giving color to the duplicate figure made last night!

In charge of : Priming and the hoodie.

(1) The silent solider, Nishibu, begins spraying primer to prepare for painting!

(2) Mixing colors for the hoodie! The colors are sprayed again and again and adjusted until perfect!
(3) The collar area looks to be complete! (`・ω・´) 

(4) Starting paint work on the reverse side of the hoodie! (`・ω・´) 

(5) Sticking on camouflage decals to the hoodie. (`・ω・´)
(6) The decal is adjusted here and there to make sure it looks just right!

That brings Nishibu’s section to an end!!
Previously the painting used to work as “Cast -> Surfacer (Gray) -> White -> Color”, but now it instead simply goes “Cast -> Primer -> Color”. The reasons for this include:

・ It’s easier to achieve transparent effects.
・It’s less likely the paint will peel from the oil of the cast, as it is sealed inside.

It’s kind of like getting all your preparations done before actually applying make-up – girls will understand just how important that is!

In charge of: skin painting, skirt painting and hoodie.

(1) Kawapon is carefully placing down some masking tape in preparation for painting. (`・ω・´) 

(2) Kawapon has painted Sonico’s head! Lots of changes were made before he decided on the perfect skin color! (`・ω・´)
(3) Starting to paint the hands! He is so fast and yet still so careful! 

(4) Applying masking tape to the tiniest little areas… truly an artist at work! 

(5) More careful masking work! The tape is carefully cut with a craft knife to ensure it is the right size! (`・ω・´) 

(6) The level of minute detail Kawapon goes to is outstanding!!
(7) Making sure the colors are all looking right. (`・ω・´) 

(8) Painting the skirt! 

(9) The skirt has been painted, so now the masking tape is carefully removed. 

(10) Filling the gaps in the pattern of the hoodie with some decals. (`・ω・´) 

(11) It looks like the skirt and legs have been completed now! (`・ω・´) 

(12) Matte spray is applied to the hoodie to remove any shine or gloss. 

(13) A glossy effect is applied to the wire part of the headphones! (`・ω・´)

That brings the Kawapon section to an end!!

As you can see from the above, masking tape is used to carefully mask the areas that don’t need to be painted a certain color. It is all very delicate work and isn’t just a case of spraying paint all over the figure.

I think that image #5 is the easiest image to get a good feeling for the masking process. The tape needs to be cut into incredibly fine pieces and then carefully placed piece by piece around all the curves of the figure. (The fluffy part of the skirt in particular here, which has so many curves that it must have taken ages to ensure it was masked correctly!)

I know that if I were to do the exact same job, it would have taken me well over a day…

in charge of : necklace decals and body adjustments.
(1) Nobu-san begins work on creating the decals for Sonico’s necklace!

(2) Nobu-san working on the decals using Illustrator!

(3) Placing the decals on white background needed for printing. (`・ω・´)

(4) The decals are complete! Lovely shiny necklaces! (`・ω・´)

(5) Now one of the decals has been stuck on Sonico’s body.

(6) The body is all coming together now! (´◉◞౪◟◉`)

(7) Nobu-san working on small adjustments to the body! (`・ω・´)

That brings Nobu-san’s section to an end!!

Not only is Nobu-san an unbelieveable sculptor, he also makes stunning decals in Illustrator!! Often when the decals are first stuck onto the prototypes the colors end up looking completely wrong to how they should look. For that reason, each decal printed in image #4 actually has slightly different CMYK color values, so that various different colors can be tested at once to find the ideal one.


But there is still much to be done!!

We still have the guitar and hair coloring done by Tasshi, and the face and package design to be done by Oda-P! I’ll be taking a look at those tomorrow!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver. is currently up for order on the Good Smile Online Shop!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.:
Orders close on the 31st May at 21:00 JST!

You can only order her from the Good Smile Online shop and from the GSC Tetsujin Cafe, so don’t miss out!



A twin shot of Miku and Gumako!

There were all sorts of people in costumes like these all over the event! At one stage Miku, Gumako, Manbe-kun, Sgt. Frog and Frieza were all together and it was absolute chaos! But so much fun at the same time
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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Good Smile’s 10 Year Appreciation Project:

The Rerelease and Product Request Polls!


A big thanks to everyone who voted between the 10th April and the 1st May!

            / ⌒`”⌒`ヽ、       
           /,, / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\     ”We had lots of comments congradulating us!
          /,//::         \     Thanks to everyone who sent them in!”
         ;/⌒'”:::..            |⌒ヽ    
       /  /、:::::…           /ヽ_ \  
     __( ⌒ー-ィ⌒ヽ、   /⌒`ー’⌒  )  

I’m sure some have already seen that the results of the polls have been released!

The result screen during the voting period only showed the top 20, but these results show to the top 50!

I hope the figure you were looking for is somewhere on the list… let’s take a look!

The Nendoroid Results!

The top 4 of the Nendoroids were all from the first 100 Nendoroids! With 6 years and running, it has become quite difficult to get hold of some of the older releases, so now you might get a chance to grab them again!

Miyafuji, Saber Lily and Saber Lion got a lot of votes from mail entries and I have to say that I was very surprised (but happy!) to see Zetsubou-sensei! I’m so happy to see a male figure popular enough to be voted into the top 4 in a poll like this!! There were also a load of Touhou and Vocaloid requests from all the new fans!


The figma Results!

The top results featured two of the special ‘SP’ figmas which made alongside other companies! There were also a number of ‘fate’ series related products and some BRS requests spurred on from the recent anime series!

There are also a lot more male figma requests when compared to the Nendoroids! I for one will be sure to grab another Lelouch for my collection!


The Scale Figure Results!

The top three characters are all TYPE-MOON characters! Wow!

It looks like once again the Vocaloids have invaded! Not only the Nendoroid and figma results, but the scale figure results as well! Kino is one of the very first figures I ever reviewed on this blog, so she has a very special place in my heart!


The product request results!

Characters that people want to see as new figures!

There were a lot of characters that as I saw I couldn’t help agree that they were excellent ideas! As of now there is no guarantee any of them will be made, but we will continue to look into them as well as all the rerelease possibilities!

        /     \    
     /   ⌒  ⌒ \   ”Hmm…? Continue…?”  
   /    (●)  (●) \
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)” .)|    ___________
   \      。` ⌒゚:j´ ,/ j゙~~| | |             |
__/          \  |__| | |             |
| | /   ,              \n||  | |             |
| | /   /         r.  ( こ) | |             |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn        |\ (⊆ソ .|_|___________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

Yep! We have already had a meeting between the planning team, production team and web team, in which we managed to decide the first few products that will be rereleased:


Nendoroid #136:

Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet!


Nendoroid #105:

Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi!


Two figures straight from the Scarlet Devil Mansion!

Rerelease orders will start tomorrow!


figma #124:

figma Sayaka Miki!


figma #128:

figma Kyouko Sakura

These two will also be rereleased! Kyouko was released recently and thus wasn’t on the polls, but she was popular enough to warrant a rerelease anyway! Plus you can’t display Sayaka without Kyouko, right!? 😛

They’ll be up for order from the 24th!


Onto scale figures…

Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~!

She will also be rereleased! The date has not been confirmed yet, but she should be up for order sometime in May!

Plus there are many more to come!

We still need to look into the viability of a number of products – there are many things such as licensing issues, possible production problems and other things that need to be addressed before we can ensure the product can be rereleased. Rest assured we will be looking at all the highly voted products! I’ll keep you informed on live broadcasts and on the blog whenever possible!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS
(C)2002-2006 TYPE-MOON

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Yesterday I went to borrow a certain prototype!


On the left is figma Madoka and the right is a Kyubey prototype!

     / ⌒  ⌒\
    /  <○>  <○> \    “Oooh!
  /  ///(__人__)// \    They’re right by the front counter!”
  |       `Y⌒y’´     |  
   \      ゛ー ′   ,/   
    /      ー‐    ィ

Yep! Today we’ll be looking at a much bigger Madoka than normal! But not only is she big, she’s also posable, makes use of real fabric and is overall just amazing!

This blog is the very first look at her!

Such an important product being revealed on my blog is such an honor! Thank you! Today we’re looking at a product made between lots of figure companies, so the pressure is on to play around to the very best of my ability! ^^


Released by MEDICOM TOY:


MEDICOM TOY is well known for their Kamen Rider and Ultraman toys, and now they are released ‘REAL ACTION HEROES’, the first of which will be Madoka Kaname. It’s a collaboration between three companies which are shown in the initials ‘MGM’ – MEDICOM TOYS. Good Smile Company and Max Factory!

I was thinking they should be called ‘HEROINES’, rather than ‘HEROES’, but whatever! 😛


This is how she looks from the back!

I have been quite involved with the REAL ACTION HEROES series myself.

Her clothes are made from real fabric!
It’s like closing the gap between the world of figures and dolls! You can love her and pose her just a like a doll!


Her skirt’s frills are simply perfect!

Even as a normal figure these frills were hard to get right, but now with real fabric they look perfect! Plus it’s so soft to the touch!

As a side note, not her entire outfit is made from fabric – areas such as the ribbons and gloves are still made from PVC. It all comes together to really create something that looks just like it jumped out from the anime world!


It’s so much fun to move her around!

You can make all sorts of poses like this one – sitting on the edge of a desk! Madoka’s skirt is really big so she sits nice and securely balancing on it! 😛

There are joints in the shoulders, elbows, hips, thighs, knees, ankles and more – you can really pose her around just like any standard action figure!


Expression parts are also included!

Just like figmas, she comes with replaceable expression parts! Here we have a glaring face for Madoka! She also comes with multiple hand parts – so many options to help you recreate your favorite scenes!


She also has a scared expression!

I’m sure some of you will remember this expression!

The head parts were all made by Max Factory based on the figma designs!

Normally when something is blown-up in size like this the quality suffers, but not when Max Factory is behind the designer’s seat! I believe the face is the most important part of a figure, and Max Factory have made sure that anyone who thinks the same will be impressed with this figure!


Size comparison #1!

Displayed with the 1/8th scale Madoka Kaname!

It’s actually quite a bit larger when you compare them like this. The RAH Madoka measures an amazing 30cm in height!


Size comparison #2!

Displayed with figma Madoka Kaname!

The figma is almost a doll size for the RAH figure! She can sit on her arm with the help of a little double-sided tape! 😛


Released by MEDICOM TOY:


More info will be up on MEDICOM TOY’s site soon!

Note that this isn’t a product distributed by Good Smile, we just helped with the production! Also watch out in upcoming hobby magazines to see some of the other optional parts she might be coming with!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS

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A Circle K Sunkus store shelf!


     / ⌒  ⌒\
    /  (○)  (○) \    “Oooh!
  /  ///(__人__)// \    They’re right by the front counter!”
  |       `Y⌒y’´     |  
   \      ゛ー ′   ,/   
    /      ー‐    ィ

It somehow makes me really happy to see Good Smile products at the front of a convenience store! Just think how many people will see them as they come by now!!

Of course I bought one for myself as well!


Sakuma Drops: Character Vocal Series Ver.:

Nendoroid Petite Rubber Strap Included!

What a very long name… 😛
In commemoration of Good Smile Company’s 10th anniversary, the delicious treats, ‘Sakuma Drops’ are joining in collaboration with the Character Vocal Series!


The back introduces the straps!

This back was designed by Daamatsu from the design team! Great work! It’s nice to be able to see what straps might be inside!

Each tin comes in a special casing which you can see above as well – which makes sure the tin itself isn’t damaged at all!


Here is what is inside the case!

The black bag is the rubber strap!

You won’t know which character is inside until you open it! Be very careful when cutting open the black bag that you don’t accidentally cut the strap – there is also a little leaflet about this to remind you!


Who will I get!?

The secret character!!
It really must be my lucky day today!

The secret character is illustrated by CHANxCO!

It’s really magical, so if you like the straps I really think you should aim to her hold of it! There are a total of eight to collect including the secret strap!

Let’s move onto some more details about the product!

There are eight tins in each big box!

You can of course by them one-by-one in Circle K Sunkus stores as well, but if you want a box of eight you can grab it here!

KARUWAZA ONLINE: http://karuwazaonline.jp/pc/00000003/goods2/30120200944/


There are two different tins!

The Nendoroid tin and Nendoroid illustration tin!
The straps are based on the same illustrations used on the tin on the right!


This is the reverse sides!

A wonderful collection of all Crypton’s Vocaloid characters! Plus you can see the Good Smile 10th Anniversary logo on the bottom right!


Even the seal is specially made!

A silver bottom which features the Good Smile Seijin! Even within the company it was praised for being cute! 😛


The seven rubber straps!

You’ll find one of these with each tin you buy! The design on the tin doesn’t change which straps are inside, so don’t worry about that!


Miku Hatsune!

As it’s a collaboration with Sakuma Drops, all the straps are holding Sakuma tins and drops! Each and everyone is an original illustration!


Rin & Len Kagamine!

The two twins are like mirror images of one and another! They look so cute side by side!


Luka Megurine and Snow Miku!

The rubber straps this time around pop-out slightly the center of the outlines. It’s incredible quality for a bonus included with Sakuma Drops!



The manufacturing of the rubber straps were done with help from Overdrive! Thanks guys! They really worked with us to create the straps just how we wanted!


Sakuma Drops: Character Vocal Series Ver. :

Nendoroid Petite Rubber Strap Included.

On sale at Circle K Sunkus Stores and KARUWAZA ONLINE!

      /  \    /\
    /  し (>)  (<)\   ”I can’t get hold of them anywhere!”
    | ∪    (__人__)  |
     \  u   `⌒´   /
    ノ           \

Products will be sent out as ordered!

This varies on the store, so if you have any queries head to them and ask directly!

But anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Crypton Future Media, Inc.

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1/8th Scale Kyouko Sakura

 / ) ) )/  \  /\  
 {   ⊂) (●)  (●) \    ”Yay!
 |   ////(__人__)// \     Great work Kawanishi-san!”
 !   !    `Y⌒y’´   |
 |   l      ゙ー ′   ,/
 |   ヽ   ー‐    ィ
 |           /  |  


Looking under their skirts…!?

GRIMROCK!’s sculptor Ken Kawanishi came to visit us here in Matsudo! He’s taking a look at the recently released Sayaka-chan sample together with another lovely figure…! (`・ω・´)ゞ

The 5th in the Madoka Magica 1/8th scale figure series:

Kyouko Sakura!

From the anime series that received a number of awards in 2011, ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ comes a 1/8th scale figure in a lovely dynamic pose of the Puella Magi with a long red ponytail – Kyouko Sakura!

Following on from the previously released Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe and Sayaka Miki – Kyouko is here to complete the famous key visual that all the poses are based on! Plus afterwards we also have Ultimate Madoka coming up as well!


A dynamic pose holding her spear!

It’s huge!! ((((;゚Д゚))))
Trying to get the entire spear into the photo was quite a task – it’s almost as long as the monitor!! I love the look of adorable characters like Kyouko with huge weapons like this!

For those who are worried about the spear being too long and taking up too much space – don’t worry! There are some replaceable parts that’ll remove that problem that we’ll take a look at later!


Her cute moe fang! (*゚∀゚)=3

It just wouldn’t be Kyouko without that adorable little tooth!! You can see it nice and clearly on the 1/8th scale figure – just looking at that smile makes me feel all warm and happy inside. (*´ω`*)


Look at that lovely ponytail!

The hair is flowing behind her and really compliments the dynamic pose – each and every strand is so detailed! You really need to look at it from a variety of angles to really appreciate how lovely it looks!

Here we have the replaceable parts!

Instead of holding the spear you can instead display her holding her favorite taiyaki as well!

Plus these hand parts have her hand much further backward when compared to the pose with the spear, creating a considerably different feeling to the figure – nice for a change once in a while!


Everything is so detailed!

   /      \
  /   ─    ─\    ”The gradient on the boots is so unique!”
/     (●)  (●) \
       (__人__)  |  
/     ∩ノ ⊃  /  ∩ノ ⊃
(  \ / _ノ    \/ _ノ 
.\   /  . \   /


She has a lovely body-line!

Her lovely ladylike upper body is complimented brilliantly by these thighs that look so very squishy!! I almost can’t resist trying to touch them to see if they feel as soft as they look!


The five Puella Magi!!

Here we have the complete 1/8th scale series together recreating the famous key visual! Having Kyouko really brings the collection together beautifully!

This pose does differ slightly from the original illustration as they are all holding their weapons!


Let’s try a slightly different angle!

I absolutely love seeing all of them together like this, so I had to take another picture! I have the two in the back lifted up slightly higher to create this look, but you could also of course just display them all together in a line!


The 5th in the Madoka Magica 1/8th scale figure series:

Kyouko Sakura!

She’ll be on the GSC site from tomorrow! (`・ω・´)ゞ

If you have any preorder or sales queries, be sure to contact our partner shops!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS

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Back to the upcoming release box!


A box filled with products that are soon to be released!
Products are always placed in this box for me to put on the blog, but I just haven’t had time to get through them all recently!

However, today I’ll be taking a look at two Puella Magi figures to start catching up!


Releasing today:

1/8th Scale Mami Tomoe!

From the popular anime series with a movie on the way, ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ comes a dynamic 1/8th scale of Madoka’s schoolmate and fellow Puella Magi – Mami Tomoe is the famous pose from the key visual!

Just look at that lovely body line!! (*゚∀゚)=3


This is how she looks from the back!

She looks great from the front, but no matter what angle you look at her from it looks amazing! Just look at those lovely thighs! The stand has a rounded circular base just like the previous figures in the series.


Such a lovely and gentle expression!

She has a lovely relaxed expression that suits Mami’s personality perfectly! Tsukki from the manufacturing team has quite some trouble getting the curly blond hair to look like it does – but it seems to have come out perfectly!


Simply wonderful!!


The musket sculpted with 3D data!

Even the final product version has such incredibly intricate detail! Even the tip of of the gun is separated into two tiny sections!


Three of the Puella Magi together!

Plus I’ve switched Homuhomu and Mami-san’s weapons! 😛 The weapons are removable from the figures so you can play around like this as well!

Isn’t it lovely to see a set of figures coming together like this! I can’t wait to get hold of the rest of them as well!


For release tomorrow:

Nendoroid Kyouko Sakura!

Also from ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ comes a Nendoroid of the egotistical Kyouko Sakura! She comes with a load of optional parts to recreate all sorts of scenes from the show!


This is how the packaging looks!

She comes with a smiling face, an upset face and a face munching on some of her favorite ‘Rocky’ treats! She also comes with a taiyaki so you can really pose her enjoying her favorite foods!

The Rocky (top right of the packaging) just needs to be pushed into the mouth of the once expression part to complete it. It’s a very tiny part so be careful that it doesn’t pop out and get lost when you open it up!


The disjointed spear!

There is only one spear head included, but you simply need to remove it from the straight spear and attach it to the disjointed one to pose her like this instead!

The handle doesn’t connect specifically to any point on the hand, so you are free to move it up and down and at any angle for all sorts of dynamic and epic poses!


All five Puella Magi Nendoroids!

With the release of Kyouko, all five of the Puella Magi Nendoroids will be released! You can finally complete your collection and display them all together like this!

A quick note about Nendoroid Sayaka – there were some problems that caused a limited number to come out of mass production, so you might have had trouble getting hold of her. Rest assured that more stock is on the way, and we apologize for the delay that may have been caused!

1/8th Scale Mami Tomoe &

Nendoroid Kyouko Sakura!

They’ll be on sale from today and tomorrow respectively!

If you have any order or sales queries, be sure to contact out partner shops!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS

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Nendoroid Kuroyukihime

The relaxation room! (Also known as the meeting room :P)


Some beautiful flowers with a beautiful butterfly!


Today we’ll be playing with this lovely Nendoroid!

From Accel World:

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime!

From the popular anime series Accel World comes a Nendoroid of the beautiful and mysterious vice-president of the student council – Kuroyukihime! She even comes with her beautiful black wings that allow you to pose her in her butterfly form!

Plus, Haruyuki is also included in his cute pink pig form!


This is how she looks from the back!

Those huge butterfly wings are definitely one of the highlights of the figure! The wings look just like a real butterfly’s wing with tiny lines all over them, plus the tips of the wings make use of clear plastic which is absolutely beautiful! She will make use of an arm-type base that will connect through the middle of the wings and into her back.

Her wings cover a lot of her back here, but that by no means that her back is neglected in terms of quality – even without the wings she looks fantastic!

A pouting face with hands on her hips!

Normally Kuroyukihime has a very mature atmosphere about her, but she also gets jealous sometimes and gets this slightly more childish look – isn’t she adorable! Haruyuki’s round piggy body is also lovely!


A smiling face and closed parasol!

Kuroyukihime comes with a lovely parasol that matches her outfit perfectly! You can pose her like the picture above with the specially included arm parts, or you can hand it by the handle from her arm which looks just as cute!


An opened parasol is also included!

Wow! Isn’t she just gorgeous!! I love seeing such impressive optional parts with my Nendoroids!! Just look at the detail on the parasol- from the golden grip to the frills along the edge, plus it really matches her outfit perfectly!


Haruyuki getting some hugs!

Hey! Let me have a turn for hugs too!! 😛

Haruyuki comes with just one head but the two different bodies – you need to switch the head from the standing pose onto this pose!


Snow Miku tries the parasol!

The goth style of the parasol has an fancy look to it that should suit any characters that also wear fancy outfits! If I was any good with repainting I think I’d make a special icy parasol just for Snow Miku! 😛

But even just like this I think it’s more than cute enough – I’m sure it’ll look great with a lot of other Nendoroids as well!


From Accel World:

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime!
be up for preorder as of tomorrow! (`・ω・´)ゞ
If you have any preorder or sales inquires, be sure to get in contact with out partner stores!
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!(・∀・)ノ゛
(C) 川原礫/アスキー・メディアワークス/AW Project

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