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The GSC Sales Team 4700km Japan Journey!

The sales team is super busy!


The reason for this hectic business is that two of the staff are off on…

The GSC Sales Team 4700km Japan Journey!

The Good Smile Company Sales Team will be driving around in a Good Smile Car and displaying upcoming figures around to stores all over Japan between the 11th June and the 29th June. The journey will begin in the Kantou region, moving through to Touhoku, Hokkaido, Tokai, Kinki, China, Kyushu, Shikoku and the Shin-Etsu region – in each region they will be visiting some of the partner shops in that region, displaying figures such as Ultimate Madoka and Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier which is due for release soon!

When and which stores they are stopping by are listed at the end of this blog post!


They will be traveling in this car!

I can’t believe they’re going by car! This is going to one long and harsh journey for the sales team! ^^;

The two who are going on the trip are Nagaizumi and one of the new recruits – Murakami!
We’ll find out how the trip is going by phone a little later on…

The main focus of the campaign is of course to display Ultimate Madoka!  (*゚∀゚)ノ

Posters like this one will be given out at Hobby Shops – a lovely picture of Ultimate Madoka with a spacey background. I’m sure there are lots that want to get their hands on it…


If you reserve Ultimate Madoka while the sales team is at the store…

You’ll get one of these double-sided B3 posters!

The front is the Madoka figure with the universe background and the reverse side is a background for you to display behind your Ultimate Madoka! Awesome!


Let’s take a look at the stores!

The first day was at Ibaraki – Akiba Sofmap Mito!

As you can see there is a lovely big cardboard stand for everyone to see! Plus even though the photo was taken quite far from the figure, she still has an amazing presence!

The customers have arrived!

The first day was a weekday, so I was worried that nobody was going to be there! A big thanks to everyone who stopped by to see Madoka!


Nagaizumi is the one in the turquoise shirt!

Excellent! He seems to be treating the girls with the utmost respect! If there is anything you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask him!

Tochigi prefecture’s Volks Utsunomiya Showroom!

Wait? From Ibaraki to Tochigi…?

They moved from Akiba Sofmap Mito to the Volks showroom on the same day! That’s quite some distance to cover in just one day!

Ah! The preorder poster!

As I mentioned before, the sales team will be giving out the B3 poster as a present to everyone who preorders while they are at the store!

Madoka is just as popular in Utsunomiya!

The prototype hasn’t yet been out of the Chiba/Tokyo area, so it’s great that everyone else can finally get a chance to see it! It’s much better to see it for yourself than try and figure out the size from images all the time. ^^;

Photo by Nagaizumi!

A picture of Madoka from above, giving us a nice look at the pedestal as well!

The next day: animate Miyagi in Sendai!

Ooh! We got lots of space to show her off once again! It makes for a very colorful area that nobody would want to miss out on!

Along with Ultimate Madoka, Phat Company’s Hibari and the soon to be released Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier were also on display!

I’m still amazed at the quality that Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier – this wasn’t the prototype but a early release sample! If you’re not sure if you want to order her, be sure to go take a look at the display and see her for yourself!

Next up: Volks Sendai Showroom in Miyagi!

Wow! The display is enormous here! We also have GSC’s 1/8th scale Madoka on display!! Ultimate Madoka is the same 1/8th scale as the previously released Madoka series, so they’ll look great displayed together!

QB-san as a teru-teru bozu!!

Not to mention he is huge!! xD If he was real I think I’d have to make a contract…!

The display looked like this here!

Uuko’s circular display stands really give a classy feeling to the display! I want them for my Nendoroids!

And I have to say it again… Madoka is really big… 😛

Right, let’s call Nagaizumi and see how they’re doing!

“Hey! How is the trip going?”

||  / ̄ ̄\  ← Nagaizumi
|| /    ─  \
/〔|    ( ○) (○)   ”No time to stay at a hotel… I can’t charge my PC!”
〔ノ^ゝ  (__人__)
ノ ノ^,-    ` ⌒´
/´ ´ ‘ , ^ヽ      }
/     ノ'”\.  ⌒
人    ノ \/,_ __ノ

“Eh?! You’re just staying in the car?!
How are you going to send me text for the blog?

||  / ̄ ̄\  ← Nagaizumi
|| /    ─  \
/〔|    ( ○) (○)   ”I’ll send it at the next parking space…”
〔ノ^ゝ  (__人__)
ノ ノ^,-    ` ⌒´
/´ ´ ‘ , ^ヽ      }
/     ノ'”\.  ⌒
人    ノ \/,_ __ノ

No! It’s okay, really!

They’ve only just started, it’s definitely going to be quite a tough journey! Just make sure you stay healthy, and be careful when driving!

For the next three weeks the 4700km Japan Journey will continue!  (`・ω・´)

This is the schedule, so if you have the time when they are nearby then come by for a visit!

2012/6/11/(Sun) [Ibaraki] Akiba Sofmap Mito(Web)/[Tochiki] Volk’s Utsunomiya Showroom (Web)

2012/6/12/(Tue) [Miyagi] animate Sendai(Web)/[Miyagi] Volk’s Sendai Showroom(Web)

2012/6/13/(Wed) [Iwate] animate Morioka(Web)

2012/6/14/(Thur) [Hokkaido] animate Sapporo(Web)

2012/6/15/(Fri) [Hokkaido] Volk’s Sapporo Showroom(Web)

2012/6/16/(Sat) [Aichi] Joshin Kid’s Land Oosu(Web)

2012/6/17/(Sun) [Osaka] Sofmap Gigastore Nanba (Web)

2012/6/18/(Sun) [Kyoto] animate Kyoto(Web) /[Hyougo] animate Sannomiya(Web)

2012/6/19/(Tue) [Tottori] HobbyShop Rearia(Web)/[Okayama] Medio! Nishiichi Hobby Section(Web)

2012/6/20/(Wed) [Tokushima] ufotable CINEMA(Web)(animate Tokushima/Nankai Books)

2012/6/21/(Thur) [Hiroshima] Hobby Zone Hiroshima(Web)

2012/6/23/(Sat) [Fukuoka] animate Kokura(Web)

2012/6/24/(Sun) [Fukuoka] Asobit City Canal City Store(Web)

2012/6/25/(Sun) [Osaka] Geestore Osaka(Web)

2012/6/26/(Tue) [Aichi] animate Nagoya(Web)/[Aichi] TamTam Nagoya(Web)

2012/6/27/(Wed) [shizuoka] animate Shizuoka(Web)

2012/6/28/(Thur) [Nagano] Liondo Panda Record(Web)

2012/6/29/(Fri) [Tokyo] Volk’s Akihabara Showroom(Web)

If you want the B3 poster, you should follow the Sales Team’s twitter!

Sales Team Twitter (Japanese)

They will be tweeting where they are and when they arrive! On the 23rd/24th at Fukuoka, I might also stop by to see how things are going – feel free to come and have a chat! It’ll be my first time in Hakata, so I’m actually looking forward to it!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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Anime Festival Asia in Malaysia!

goodsmile company Mikatan's Blog English Version

GSC had a booth there on the 9th and 10th of June!

ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA is more commonly known by the acronym of the name, ‘AFA’! This report is a continuation from yesterday, so be sure to read the previous blog entry first: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – AFA Report #1


This is how the GSC booth looked!

We had displays of upcoming products which loads of people came by to look at! I was so glad to see that anime and figure culture has spread so much all over Asia now!


This is the backstage area!

The stage that featured all the interviews and performances was located in a separate building away from the booths. Those appearing on stage would wait here in the back for their turn on the stage… it was actually quite high up and scary to stand on. ^^;


The audience area was huge!!

I guess for celebrities and musicians this is quite normal, but  for me it was amazing to see so many people! Thanks Malaysia!!


MAX Watanabe and Aki were both on stage with Danny Choo!

Danny would translate everything that MAX and Aki would say so that everyone in the audience could understand! Thanks Danny!

During the talks a number of figures would be put up on the monitors and the audience would all cheer together – it was incredible!!


Back to the booth!

Today was also the day of the preliminary races taking place in Sepang, Malaysia – in which the Miku car was racing. Kaula Lampur and Sepang are about one hour apart by car, so Aki actually came from the race to be here for the stage performance!


Chatting with some customers!!

MAX and Aki definitely chatted with a number of customers, but even I got some customers that came and told me things like, “I love reading your blog” or “Looking forward to the next blog!” which made me really glad!

Everyone in Malaysia was really kind, and most would try hard to speak to me in Japanese as I can’t speak English at all – it really meant a lot to me! Now that I’ve seen how many people are looking forward to GSC’s products even outside of Japan, I’m definitely going to work as best I can to show the best products to everyone!!


That brings my AFA report to and end!

I’m sure it wasn’t the best event report ever, but I hope you enjoyed it! It’s not easy to get to an event like this if you don’t live around Malaysia, but I hope you were at least able to get a feeling for the event from my report!

The thing that really leaves an impression on me from this event is that even though the event hall was always in chaos, people wanting to take photos would always patiently wait their turn and if someone just slightly bumped into you they would apologise – I think that considerate mindset is absolutely wonderful.

It was my very first visit to Malaysia, and I’ve come to love it! If I ever get the chance I will definitely be back. A big thank you to everyone who came by the booth at the event, as well as to everyone who came to speak with me!!

But that’s not all!


The main display at AFA – Ultimate Madoka!

       / .u   \    ”You brought the prototype with!?”
       ((○))  ((○))
/⌒)⌒)⌒. ::::  (__人__) l_j :::\/⌒)⌒)⌒)
| / / /    |r┬-|  | (⌒)/  /  /  //
| :::::::::::(⌒) U .||| / ゝ:::::::::::/
|   ノ     | |  |  \ / ) /
ヽ   /      └ー.┘   ヽ /  /

Of course! (Megurin did)

At the airport while they were inspecting hand luggage and just before we got on the plane, everyone kept aksing things like “What is that you’re holding?”, or “Isn’t that a little too big?”. ^^;

Normally there are two prototypes created of any figure – one more promotional use and another to be sent through to the factories in China for manufacturing. But this time around we only had the one and it needed to be displayed once in Japan and then again in Malaysia, and now it’ll only be sent to China!

The picture above came out a little bit blurred because of the display case glass, but somehow I quite like the way it came out anyway – it actually looks quite pretty!


Plus I have a message about the figure from
Aoi Yuuki, Madoka’s voice actor!!

Look at the picture above and imagine Madoka’s voice saying the following!

Ultimate Madoka only appeared in the anime for a brief moment, so I never expected to see a figure of her!! I’m so glad to see how she came out!! (*´ω`*)

I absolutely love the skirt with the universe inside it! Not to mention the beauty of those transparent wings! Just seeing how divine she came out makes me want to kneel down and praise the creators!! To think that Madoka’s final form will be delivered to so many people looking this wonderful makes me incredibly happy!!

I hope you’ll spend lots of time together with Madoka once she arrives! (>ω<)

What a lovely message!!

I promise I’ll spend lots of time with her!! I’ll stay by her side forever!! I love you Madoka–!! 😛

Those who want to hear her voice, don’t miss out on the commercial for the figure either – if you haven’t seen it yet can take a look right here:

If you haven’t preordered your’s yet, be sure not to miss out!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛

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Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – AFA Report #1

.  / ̄ ̄ ̄\

. / ─   ─ \    ”It’s incredibly hot here in Malaysia!

/  <○>  <○> \   I knew it would be hot, but not this hot!

|   (__人__)  |

\    ` ⌒´  /

/  し       \


Thursday, 7th June. 22:00.

Arrival in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia!

It took just less than eight hours to fly here from Japan. The time-zone is one hour different from Japan. It was also incredibly hot!!

The air is very humid, so it was very similar to the heat in Japan, but the strong aircon inside the buildings made it seem even warmer outside than normal.


My room for the next four days!

I got a corner room, yay!  Not to mention it had a load of space, there was an internet connection and I had a great view! I couldn’t have asked for a better room!


After one day of preparation…

AFA Day 1 Begins!

AFA is an acronym for ‘ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA’!

The day of preparation caused a lot of trouble with packages unable to get here on time, and road congestion causing delays for the GT team… but if I was to write on that I get the feeling it’ll end up being way too long, so I’ll have to drop it for now. 😛 Luckily, all the prototypes managed to arrive safely!

AFA was held at a place called ‘PWTC’! It looked pretty much like a shopping mall, but there were cosplayers walking around as if it were normal. Whenever I go overseas for events, I’m always glad to see things like this!


Here we have the entrance!

From the main building you take a passage down to a smaller annex. Just like at Animelo Summer Live there was a fine mist spraying down from the ceiling. Anyway, let’s head inside…


The GSC Booth!

The Good Smile booth was right near the entrance! Normally at events like this I have a hard time finding our booth…

This time around the booth was decorated with a racing theme!


By the way…

Danny Choo’s booth was opposite the GSC booth…


with Bushiroad next to us!! (゚∀゚)

Being close by to some of the booths that I know back from Japan was very reassuring. ^^ Let’s take a peek into Bushiroad’s booth…


Lots of Cardfighers!

By the evening, there were so many people watching that the entire booth was surrounded! But Good Smile mustn’t lose!! 😛

A photo from the pathway!

At the far end of the photo you can see the black and white chequered booth which is GSC, and on the left you can see parts of orange which are Danny’s booth! As an extra bonus we have a lovely looking back of a maid at the front of the photo! 😛

The back of the GSC booth!

The same day as AFA, a GT race was being held at Sepang, right here in Malaysia – So the pit was recreated at AFA to celebrate!

That also explains why we decided to make the booth’s design have racing theme! The image above is Car #0’s pit – you can see Racing Miku looking absolutely lovely!


Next to Car #0 we have the pit of Car #4!

The project mirai Miku Car! Isn’t she adorable!! Obviously I’m supporting #0, but I have to say I really want the mirai car to do well too!!


Everyone taking photos!!

It makes me so happy to see everyone taking photos of our figures! Thanks everyone!! But what was the main attraction of the GSC booth at AFA…?


It can only be Ultimate Madoka!

The case  we were using had lights in the top which worked very nicely for Madoka – the light on her wings and bow looks absolutely fantastic!


A true goddess!!

The light shining up from the heavens only makes her look even more divine! Seeing her with lighting like this really makes me want to install lighting for my own figures at home…


figma Saber & ex:ride Cuirassier

Note that they are both sold separately! As a part of the ex:ride series, Saber can of course ride on the Cuirassier perfectly – it was designed for figmas!

The 1/8th Scale Saber & Cuirassier!

This isn’t the prototype, but in fact an actual sample from the factories! The manufacturing team have done a magnificent job, just look how incredibly she has come out!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for her – but the wait will be over later this month!


figma Kiritsugu Emiya & figma Airi!

I might not be very good at it, but I tried to make some nice poses for the figmas – what do you think? ^^;

Kiritsugu is a prototype, and I was constantly worried I was going to lose his cigarette…


The 1/7th Scale Luka-san!

Luka enjoyed all the attention of having everyone look through at her! Everyone else was taking photos from the front, so I decided to take a picture from the back instead!

We also had a sales corner!

We were working with one of Singapore’s wholesale stores for this. They also helped us a lot with setting up the booth – thanks a lot guys!!


These were the goods on sale!

On the first things sold at light speed and we were out of stock of many products in no time at all…

The Vocaloid products in particular were incredibly popular! There was also lots of Vocaloid cosplay – I guess it is just as popular overseas as it is in Japan!


The Sepang race was being screened!

At the GSC Cafe back in Japan we were hosting a public viewing of the race, so we decided to host one here at AFA as well! This photo was taken on the first day, so this was actually the preliminary race.

The next day we of course had the actual race showing, and every time the Miku car made an appearance the audience would all shout ‘Oooh!”. It was great!!


Time to wander around the event!

The event wasn’t that big, probably about half the size of the enterprise booths at Comiket. But even though it was smaller, it did seem more dense with things to do!


Sailor uniforms and maid outfits!

I love maid outfits, but I think the sailor uniforms are even better. It really captures a unique kind of student feeling from Japan, along with a unique kind of sexiness!


There were also swords on sale!

Whenever I go overseas I always see swords on sale – and lots of them!!

This store was also selling cat and rabbit hats that were incredibly popular! (There were tons of people wearing them at the event, which was absolutely adorable!)


Capsule toy machines!

There were quite a lot of them to look through, all with all sorts of toys very similar to the ones you would find in Japan. I wanted to try them myself, but I didn’t have the right kind of coin on me… 😦


A maid café and a butler café!

At the very edge of the booths, there was a corner filled with tasty places to have lunch! The left side here is the maid café and the right was a butler café!

You can probably tell which was which just by which customers are lining up where – the queues for both seemed like they would never end. ^^;


Dolls in the pathway!

Not even off to the side – right in the middle of the path!! I know they have stands, but I’d be worried that someone was going to kick them over!!

But it seems everyone in Malaysia is careful!

There was about a 1m area around the dolls that never had anyone inside, with people taking photos on the outskirts!


Japanese kimonos! ( ゚∀゚)=3

They all look absolutely lovely! From the kimonos down to the sandals on their feet!! There are even patterns used on the straps of the sandals! They are so amazing! I also love the bow in Reimu’s hair – it’s perfect!

Anyway, my AFA report will be continuing tomorrow! 

I’ll also be getting some comments from a special guest – look forward to it!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛

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Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.

       /      \
      /  \    /\ 
    /    (●)   (●) \
    |     (__人__)    | ________
     \      ` ⌒´   ,/ | |          |
    ノ           \ | |           |
  /´                 | |           |
 |    l                | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、  | |________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

We’ve taken a complete look at how she was made!


All done at NicoNico Super Kaigi!


…and completed in just two days!

Well, 12 and a half hours to be exact!


After some adjustments, she debuted on WonHobby News Watch!

If you missed out on the details of her sculpting and painting, you can catch up with the articles below. If you’re looking to become a sculptor in the future, it should be a rather interesting read!

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 1)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 2)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!
(Duplication / Painting– Part 3)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!
(Duplication / Painting– Part 4)

WonHobby News Watch

And now…!


Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.!

The prototype has had some final adjustments for release!

Nitroplus’ lovely mascot character is here to join the Nendoroid series in her tiger hoodie! In order to ensure that the Nendoroid lived up to previous Nendoroid standards, she has undergone a brush-up after the original sculpting and painting. She looked incredible at the event, but she looks even cuter now!


This is how she looks from the back!

Can you tell which parts were changed from the original prototype?

First off, the tail!! Σ(゚∀゚*)

The tail wasn’t visible on the illustration so it wasn’t sculpted on at the time, but the character designs do feature a tail so it had to be added on! Plus it can even be moved left and right!!


The guitar can be removed!

There were also small changes to the color of the hair and headphones!

The hair needed to be made slightly lighter, while the headphones were changed from white to a more silvery color. Apparently even though the illustration had white headphones, it’s actually very common for things like that to be made silver on figures – I had no idea!! :O


A lovely winking expression!

Is it just me or does this make her look super sexy!? She also comes with a bent arm that lets you put her hand up by her headphones – a pose very suited to a model!


She also has a singing expression!

Sonico is a gravure idol, game character and of course the vocalist and guitarist for the band ‘Daiichi Uchuu Sokudo’!

The expression really makes her look like she is happy to be singing! She also comes with a microphone as an optional extra!


Jump!! \(^o^)/
This is how I imagine Sonico would look jumping up in the air during one of her live performances! She comes with both left and right bent legs, so making a pose like this is easy with the use of the arm-type stand!


You can also put her hood up!

  /:::::::: ( ○)三(○)\  ”That’s too cute!!!”
  \::::::   |r┬-|   /
  ノ:::::::  `ー’´   \

It really is adorable!!

Plus it really wasn’t necessary! She comes with so much already!

The hood part fits around all the expressions – you just need to push each expression into the hood first. She comes with a separate fringe part designed to be used with the hood as well!!


This is how the hood looks from the back!

You can of course remove the unworn hood from the hoodie when she is wearing it on her head!

The pattern on her hoodie was also very hard to work with – it will be done with stamp printing, but the surface is large and there are lots of curves which makes it very awkward. I hope the production team doesn’t have too much trouble with her!!


Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.!

She is up for preorder at the Good Smile Online Shop!


Orders close on the 31st May at 21:00 JST, and you can only order her from the Good Smile Online shop and from the GSC Tetsujin Cafe, so don’t miss out!

We will be having a live broadcast today from 20:00 (JST)! (・ω・)ノ


– Wonhobby News Watch –


The 3rd News Watch will be broadcast from the Akihabara Good Smile x Tetsujin Cafe! There will be some interesting info about Family Mart and Miku, as well as the final episode of ‘Chase the Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.’!! Sonico may even be joining us in a special video appearance….!

There will be lots going on, so don’t miss out – you can also watch it on time-shift at a later stage!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)2006-2012 Nitroplus

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The GSC 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!


NicoNico Super Kaigi held at the Makuhari Messe on 28th & 29th of April!

In a showy corner of the Good Smile booth there were nine sculptors hard at work sculpting and painting a prototype Nendoroid in just 11 hours!

This article is the finale of their work!

Don’t miss out on the previous three articles which you can find here!
Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 1)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 2)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!
(Duplication / Painting– Part 3)


In charge of : Guitar, hair and headphone painting.

(1) The newly-wed Tashii adjusting the guitar strap! (`・ω・´)

(2) Mixing some colors together!

(3) Comparing the color to the original illustration! (`・ω・´)

(4) Starting to paint the highlights of the hair!!

(5) Looks like the gradient effect on the hair is complete! It’s so pretty!

(6) Sticking on some masking tape to paint the headphones.

(7) Starting to paint the headphones. (`・ω・´)

(8) Various parts drying! I wonder if the guitar is done now? (`・ω・´)

(9) The tone is adjusted to make certain areas more shadowed than others.

That brings Tasshi’s section to an end!

The hair is certainly a very important feature of any character! They are particular important on Nendoroids seen the head is the biggest part of the figure!

I’ve personally tried mixing colors trying to get the perfect color for a figure in the past, and I have to tell you it is not a simple task! Just a single drop too much of one color will cause the color to look off. Plus because each of the parts is painted separately, you need to ensure that the colors of all the parts will look alright together in the end.


In charge of : the face!

(1) Oda-P is getting ready to work on the face! (`・ω・´)

(2) Putting in some facial features!! The face is the heart of the figure, so Oda-P needs to concentrate to get it looking perfect!

(3) Oda-P checking and re-checking the facial features.

(4) Such tiny lines! It’s amazing how much the appearance of the face has changed from the wonderful work of Oda-P!

(5) The right eye is complete, but Aki has arrived to supervise now… 

(6) Now working carefully on the left eye! (`・ω・´)

(7) Oda-P has complete the outline for the eyes!

(8) Now Oda-P is adding the white of the eye. It’s looking cuter by the second!

(9) A base pink color is added to the eyes! (`・ω・´)

(10) Oda-P carefully painting in more detail to the eyes.

(11) Time to start work on the pupils! (`・ω・´)

(12) The rest of the face is all taped up! The pupils will be a gradient sprayed on with an airbrush.

(13) Applying a gradient paint effect to the pupils!

(14) With the pupils done, we now need a black gradient at the top of the eyes.

(15) Applying the darker gradient! Very nice colors!

(16) The black gradient is complete! Her eyes are looking stunning!

(16) A darker shade is applied to parts of the white part of the eye as well!

(17) Adding in highlights to the eyes!

(18)  Highlights complete! (`・ω・´)

(19) The face goes through loads and loads of tiny adjustments!

(20) Aki-san adds in some comments to the team!

(20) The blush on the cheeks is added with a pastel! She is looking adorable!!

That brings the Oda-P section to an end!

The most difficult and most important part of the figure – the face, is finally completed!! As mentioned on the Live broadcast, normally it takes even the best sculptors at least a day and a half to complete, but Oda-P kept a nice constant pace and still performed incredibly well! Unbelievable work!

Now to put it all together!


Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Ver.!

Prototype Complete!!

In total it took 12 and a half hours!

The battle took a little longer than originally anticipated, but even so the final product was worth the little bit of overtime! It was incredible to see the professionals in action!

But the battle isn’t over yet! (`・ω・´)
While the painting was going on, the packaging and poster were also being made!

Nagai-san & Station

In charge of : Packaging & Poster

(1) The design team is also working hard making a poster! So cute!!

(2) The design team is working on finishing the packaging too!! 

(3) The poster is complete and printed out for everyone to see!

(4) Photos complete! Now the photos will be added to the package design!

(5) Nagai-san carefully cutting out the Sonico photo. (`・ω・´)

(6) Package design complete!! (`・ω・´)

(7) Now we move into the printing of the packaging!

(8) Both design team members carefully cut out the box. (`・ω・´)

(9) Just a few more snips and folds to go! (`・ω・´)

(1) Packaging complete!! The package might still be changed a little though.

(11) The blister pack has also been prepared!

That brings Nagai-san and Station’s section to an end!

Everything needed to make and print the poster and packaging were all brought along to the event hall just for this! The actual project was actually only to create the figure, so this was all bonus work inspired by Aki.

Another great example of watching professionals at work! Thanks Nagai-san and Station!


Sonico placed in her packaging!

It looks just like a normal Nendoroid in the stores, except for the fact that she has no optional parts. 😛

The blister pack used here was specially made for Sonico super quickly for the event (seen they are normally made in China, it was a rather on the spur of the moment job). I think the ability that Good Smile has to adapt quickly to any situation is definitely one of the most amazing parts of the company!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver. is currently up for order on the Good Smile Online Shop!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.:

Orders close on the 31st May at 21:00 JST!

You can only order her from the Good Smile Online shop and from the GSC Tetsujin Cafe, so don’t miss out!

      /  \    /\   ”But if the prototype was made so quickly…
    /  し (>)  (●) \    will it really be the same quality?”
    | ∪    (__人__)  | ________
     \  u   `⌒´   / | |          |
    ノ           \ | |          |

After the event, the prototype has gone though lots of intricate adjustments and revisions to ensure good quality!

I’ll be taking a look at the final version on Friday!

The super cute Sonico is now cuter than ever before!
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)2006-2012 Nitroplus

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The GSC 11 Hour Figure Making Trial!


NicoNico Super Kaigi held at the Makuhari Messe on 28th & 29th of April!
In a showy corner of the Good Smile booth there were nine sculptors hard at work sculpting and painting a prototype Nendoroid in just 11 hours!

This is the diary of their challenge!!


Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Ver.!

Last time we got just to the point where the initial sculpting was complete!
To get this far took five people just seven hours!

A normal Nendoroid is in production for around 2-3 months, so that gives you a good feel to just how far these guys have been pushing themselves! If you want to read the previous two reports you can find them here:

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 1)

Nine Sculptors in an 11 Hour Figure Making Trial! (Sculpting – Part 2)

After sculpting was complete, the figure was sent to Matsudo for duplication! 

Kiyo-sanIn charge of : duplication (home-stay team!)

■ This machine creates a vacuum that is used to create a silicon mold!

The duplication cast can be seen here, together with the silicon mold! Duplication work requires a lot of care, but Kiyo-san is still able to get through it quickly and smoothly! 

Just two photos for Kiyo-san! Sorry!!

The duplication process is actually quite an involved process which I took a look at back in 2010, but that was unfortunately before the blog was translated into English. You can find the Japanese versions of the duplication process here – the images should tell a story on their own! ^^;

Day 1 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!
Day 2 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!
Day 3 : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!

Final Day : Mikatan’s Research Diary – Duplication!

The next day!!


The Heroes of Day 2 have arrived!

Day 2 will feature the five heroes you see above, who will be giving color to the duplicate figure made last night!

In charge of : Priming and the hoodie.

(1) The silent solider, Nishibu, begins spraying primer to prepare for painting!

(2) Mixing colors for the hoodie! The colors are sprayed again and again and adjusted until perfect!
(3) The collar area looks to be complete! (`・ω・´) 

(4) Starting paint work on the reverse side of the hoodie! (`・ω・´) 

(5) Sticking on camouflage decals to the hoodie. (`・ω・´)
(6) The decal is adjusted here and there to make sure it looks just right!

That brings Nishibu’s section to an end!!
Previously the painting used to work as “Cast -> Surfacer (Gray) -> White -> Color”, but now it instead simply goes “Cast -> Primer -> Color”. The reasons for this include:

・ It’s easier to achieve transparent effects.
・It’s less likely the paint will peel from the oil of the cast, as it is sealed inside.

It’s kind of like getting all your preparations done before actually applying make-up – girls will understand just how important that is!

In charge of: skin painting, skirt painting and hoodie.

(1) Kawapon is carefully placing down some masking tape in preparation for painting. (`・ω・´) 

(2) Kawapon has painted Sonico’s head! Lots of changes were made before he decided on the perfect skin color! (`・ω・´)
(3) Starting to paint the hands! He is so fast and yet still so careful! 

(4) Applying masking tape to the tiniest little areas… truly an artist at work! 

(5) More careful masking work! The tape is carefully cut with a craft knife to ensure it is the right size! (`・ω・´) 

(6) The level of minute detail Kawapon goes to is outstanding!!
(7) Making sure the colors are all looking right. (`・ω・´) 

(8) Painting the skirt! 

(9) The skirt has been painted, so now the masking tape is carefully removed. 

(10) Filling the gaps in the pattern of the hoodie with some decals. (`・ω・´) 

(11) It looks like the skirt and legs have been completed now! (`・ω・´) 

(12) Matte spray is applied to the hoodie to remove any shine or gloss. 

(13) A glossy effect is applied to the wire part of the headphones! (`・ω・´)

That brings the Kawapon section to an end!!

As you can see from the above, masking tape is used to carefully mask the areas that don’t need to be painted a certain color. It is all very delicate work and isn’t just a case of spraying paint all over the figure.

I think that image #5 is the easiest image to get a good feeling for the masking process. The tape needs to be cut into incredibly fine pieces and then carefully placed piece by piece around all the curves of the figure. (The fluffy part of the skirt in particular here, which has so many curves that it must have taken ages to ensure it was masked correctly!)

I know that if I were to do the exact same job, it would have taken me well over a day…

in charge of : necklace decals and body adjustments.
(1) Nobu-san begins work on creating the decals for Sonico’s necklace!

(2) Nobu-san working on the decals using Illustrator!

(3) Placing the decals on white background needed for printing. (`・ω・´)

(4) The decals are complete! Lovely shiny necklaces! (`・ω・´)

(5) Now one of the decals has been stuck on Sonico’s body.

(6) The body is all coming together now! (´◉◞౪◟◉`)

(7) Nobu-san working on small adjustments to the body! (`・ω・´)

That brings Nobu-san’s section to an end!!

Not only is Nobu-san an unbelieveable sculptor, he also makes stunning decals in Illustrator!! Often when the decals are first stuck onto the prototypes the colors end up looking completely wrong to how they should look. For that reason, each decal printed in image #4 actually has slightly different CMYK color values, so that various different colors can be tested at once to find the ideal one.


But there is still much to be done!!

We still have the guitar and hair coloring done by Tasshi, and the face and package design to be done by Oda-P! I’ll be taking a look at those tomorrow!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver. is currently up for order on the Good Smile Online Shop!

Nendoroid Super Sonico : Tiger Hoodie Ver.:
Orders close on the 31st May at 21:00 JST!

You can only order her from the Good Smile Online shop and from the GSC Tetsujin Cafe, so don’t miss out!



A twin shot of Miku and Gumako!

There were all sorts of people in costumes like these all over the event! At one stage Miku, Gumako, Manbe-kun, Sgt. Frog and Frieza were all together and it was absolute chaos! But so much fun at the same time
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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Good Smile’s 10 Year Appreciation Project:

The Rerelease and Product Request Polls!


A big thanks to everyone who voted between the 10th April and the 1st May!

            / ⌒`”⌒`ヽ、       
           /,, / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\     ”We had lots of comments congradulating us!
          /,//::         \     Thanks to everyone who sent them in!”
         ;/⌒'”:::..            |⌒ヽ    
       /  /、:::::…           /ヽ_ \  
     __( ⌒ー-ィ⌒ヽ、   /⌒`ー’⌒  )  

I’m sure some have already seen that the results of the polls have been released!

The result screen during the voting period only showed the top 20, but these results show to the top 50!

I hope the figure you were looking for is somewhere on the list… let’s take a look!

The Nendoroid Results!

The top 4 of the Nendoroids were all from the first 100 Nendoroids! With 6 years and running, it has become quite difficult to get hold of some of the older releases, so now you might get a chance to grab them again!

Miyafuji, Saber Lily and Saber Lion got a lot of votes from mail entries and I have to say that I was very surprised (but happy!) to see Zetsubou-sensei! I’m so happy to see a male figure popular enough to be voted into the top 4 in a poll like this!! There were also a load of Touhou and Vocaloid requests from all the new fans!


The figma Results!

The top results featured two of the special ‘SP’ figmas which made alongside other companies! There were also a number of ‘fate’ series related products and some BRS requests spurred on from the recent anime series!

There are also a lot more male figma requests when compared to the Nendoroids! I for one will be sure to grab another Lelouch for my collection!


The Scale Figure Results!

The top three characters are all TYPE-MOON characters! Wow!

It looks like once again the Vocaloids have invaded! Not only the Nendoroid and figma results, but the scale figure results as well! Kino is one of the very first figures I ever reviewed on this blog, so she has a very special place in my heart!


The product request results!

Characters that people want to see as new figures!

There were a lot of characters that as I saw I couldn’t help agree that they were excellent ideas! As of now there is no guarantee any of them will be made, but we will continue to look into them as well as all the rerelease possibilities!

        /     \    
     /   ⌒  ⌒ \   ”Hmm…? Continue…?”  
   /    (●)  (●) \
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)” .)|    ___________
   \      。` ⌒゚:j´ ,/ j゙~~| | |             |
__/          \  |__| | |             |
| | /   ,              \n||  | |             |
| | /   /         r.  ( こ) | |             |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn        |\ (⊆ソ .|_|___________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

Yep! We have already had a meeting between the planning team, production team and web team, in which we managed to decide the first few products that will be rereleased:


Nendoroid #136:

Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet!


Nendoroid #105:

Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi!


Two figures straight from the Scarlet Devil Mansion!

Rerelease orders will start tomorrow!


figma #124:

figma Sayaka Miki!


figma #128:

figma Kyouko Sakura

These two will also be rereleased! Kyouko was released recently and thus wasn’t on the polls, but she was popular enough to warrant a rerelease anyway! Plus you can’t display Sayaka without Kyouko, right!? 😛

They’ll be up for order from the 24th!


Onto scale figures…

Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~!

She will also be rereleased! The date has not been confirmed yet, but she should be up for order sometime in May!

Plus there are many more to come!

We still need to look into the viability of a number of products – there are many things such as licensing issues, possible production problems and other things that need to be addressed before we can ensure the product can be rereleased. Rest assured we will be looking at all the highly voted products! I’ll keep you informed on live broadcasts and on the blog whenever possible!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS
(C)2002-2006 TYPE-MOON

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